Why I love my 808

So I got my 808 a few weeks ago and everyday I love this phone more and more and for new reasons everyday. I'll just get to why

1. Camera, we know how great the quality is, but the UI is just as amazing. I have never played with settings on a camera phone before. With the creative modes I will take the same pics over and over playing with ISO, white balance, etc... The touch to focus is also amazing you can really go to macro just by touch to focus which is pretty amazing. Then the zooming, its so smooth I'm amazed everytime I use it. Its again not just about the quality of the images, its such a pleasure to use and play with the settings. That being said its just as easy to pull out and just shoot and get great results. Its perfect for noobs or the most curious of shooters.

2. Screen, yeah really the screen. Its so good outside that I never have once been in the sun and struggled to see it. I kinda forgot about that being an issue with previous phones because its sooo good on this. The colors are amazing as well, infact it looks so good I have friends with Iphones that were jealous of the screen on my 808.

3. Speaker, this should be number one. Its loud and its clear, its so good I often turn it down because its too loud. On a short car ride to a store around the corner I was listening to a podcast and I set my phone down in my car and forgot to plug it in and while in the drive through to try and turn it down I reached for my car stereo forgetting the audio was going just through the phone. I often listen to music or podcasts in the shower and use my phone. With this I can hear every word clearly without issue even with the worst quality podcasts. I can't say enough about how great the speaker is. Nothing comes close, this is just as ahead of the competition as the camera is

4. Build quality, the way the phone sits in your hand and the curved back its just natural. The camera hump sits just above your finger and kinds rests on it. Not one slip or drop so far, I have never felt a phone so designed for the hand before. The rubber bumper between the screen and the body is also a huge step forward. It does a few things one shock if you do drop it, the chance of the screen breaking is almost impossible with this. When you set it screen down it raises the phone ever so slightly but you don't feel it with your hand, Also when you put it screen down it gives it a bit of grip so the phone doesn't slide. The last part is when swiping and you swipe off the screen you gets a nice soft touch of the rubber and not a hard plastic corner. Yeah its fat and heavy, but its also really beautiful, and so well crafted I want a fatter phone and not a skinny one that doesn't fit in my hand and I drop easily.

5. Notifications can't be touched by the competition. Again you're probally thinking I'm either and idiot or crazy for saying this, but its all about sleeping screen. So with sleeping screen if you don't know what this is I will explain. Sleeping screen is a nokia screensaver app. You can use preloaded images or your own images and make screen savers that stay on whenever your screen is exposed, is your phone is face down or in your pocket the light sensor turns it off. So it takes the image and kinda pixelates them so with the amoled screen it doesn't do much to your battery. You can have one image or as many as you want and it cycles them. So why this is also great it shows you missed calls, texts, emails, etccc as well as the image. Gravity also works with this so you get twitter/facebook alerts as well. Your custom image, date, notifications all the screen all the time so you just have to look, no pressing anything, just looking and you can customize it. No one else can beat this, its just amazing.

6. Gravity, I'm back with my favorite app. If you don't know what this is, its the fullest social app on any platform out there. Twitter is a beat on this, multiple acounts, image preview/saving/swiping. Plays videos in app, browser in app, sharing in app, pocket in app, searching. Its just full but the best is when you click on a tweet for options you don't go to another sceen you get a dropbox with all the options and there aer alot. Its so efficient. Gravity also does facebook, youtube, google reader, foursquare, statusnet, and sina weibo. It has in app multi tasking on the top bar. So the top bar has 3 parts home, top, and multitasking. Home does what it looks like and brings you to your main page with all your accounts, trends, images(for sharing), add accounts, online status/data counter. The middle of it will always take you to the top of any thread. The right is mulittasking and this will show you where you have been. So if your in a twitter account and you want to see where you left off in facebook, or a website you had open all those are there, it also shows you all your unread notifcations from all your accounts. It really makes it fast to wip around this social mega app. It has a quick share which is a swipe left of the homescreen you can you make a post to any or all your sites at once. Image sharing in it you can choose the quality of the image, the account you want and the serivce you want to use to share it. You can also change your twitter profile pic from it. I could go on with more but I have said enough about this. Its the best.

7.Symbian multi tasking and hardware buttons. So symbian mulittasking is a lot like android, but with symbian you get more control and that can be good or bad. Here is why I love it. You get to either minimize or close apps with a single button. So with the middle hard key you go to where you left off before entering the app/screen. With the right key/hang up button you close the app completely and go to the last screen. I love this because its fast to move, but you also get that choice of closing or leaving open. Sometimes I am done with an app and I don't want my phone choosing to keep that open and close another app. I only want to keep open what I want left open and symbian does this better. Also with the app tasks widget you get a meego like mutitasking screen that shows from 2-4 of your last apps open on a homescreen. Then there is the side unlock. All you have to do to get from the screen saver to where you left is slide the button down, no going from black screen, to unlock sceen to active screen. You can skip the middle man and go right in. I hate standby sceens, even worse when you have it password locked. I just jump in and start using my phone.

Day in and day out the things I do with my phone work really well and I keep enjoying it more and more. Its going to take something really special to make me move on from this phone, and I don't see anything in the near future to be able to compete on this phone. I can count at least 8 categories where this phone is number one and I don't think there is another phone on the market that can make that claim.