LBP Karting Beta. Conveniently? download and installed

So I switched on my PS3 last night to play some Gotham Impostors last night for a few minutes and noticed a Little big planet Karting beta Icon in my unknown games folder. So I figured it was just a launcher to take me to the store to DL the Beta if I wanted. But no it was the full game.

Now this isn't a huge deal but i really not sure how I feel about Sony downloading and install a 4GB +/- file onto my PS3 without as much as a ask on it. I didn't have alot of time so I just want and spent my time as I had planned so I didn't really look into it much.

Can't really look into it now as my work loves to block anything about game. I'm sure I'll play and enjoy it but still WTF.

Anyone else get this ? Is it a PS+ thing ?