Quirks and Annoyances with Mountain Lion

So, I went ahead and upgraded to ML today. Overall, I'd say it's a welcome upgrade, and I appreciate much of the additions. I have found a couple of annoyances though.

The first is kind of major for me, but maybe not for others. The battery indicator in the menu bar of my MBP no longer shows the time remaining. The only options are the icon, or percentage. You can still see the time when you click the icon, but it's no longer right next to it. I always preferred the "time remaining" indication far more than a fairly vague graphical or percentage representation. However unlikely it may be, I hope Apple reverses course on this decision and adds it back in. Until then, anyone know of a terminal tweak that may fix it?

Secondly, while the OS has Twitter built in, and notifications are great in NC, there's a problem...when clicking on a notification, it opens twitter.com instead of the Twitter app...lamesauce. I'm sure this one may be fixed with a future update to the Twitter app.

Any annoyances you have with ML?

I though this topic already existed in the forum, but I did not see it, so here you go. Gripe away.