The Biggest Difference Between WP and iOS/Android.

I've seen a lot of threads complaining about how WP has so much scrolling or some complaint with the UI. ...And they don't seem to get the point. The biggest difference is really a change in paradigm. People are jumping into the WP bandwagon of criticism (not necessarily hate, sometimes it's something worth thinking about) and going at it and acting like they're trying to make it act like iOS/Android. WP is not.

The large amounts of scrolling that some face with WP is easily negated by the fact that WP isn't about sorting through folders. WP is about sorting through importance. You keep the stuff you use most at the top of the Start screen, lesser importance goes downwards and least importance is just left in the app menu. Searching for an app brings down the time it takes to launch one, and if there are enough apps, letters pop up between the start of a new letter (e.g. [a]Alpha [B] Boo, Beta, Bricks [C] ...). Tapping on these letters brings up a grid of the alphabet so the user can jump easily into the desired app.

WP use lots of text, and some people have complained about the runoff text. Unlike Android pre 4.0 on a phone and iOS, the runoff text serves as a visual cue to say "there's more, keep scrolling". The text and background jump back when a user has completed a full 'loop' of the panels in order to indicate that there is no more to see.

I just hope it brings a little bit more clarification to some things in WP.