Making the jump.

Hey, TheVerge forums.

So I've never used a smartphone before. I've gone through a few dumbphones and featurephones (A nokia X1, at the moment, god bless that battery life). I've had a Android 2.1 Acer Liquid which familiarized me with how a smartphone UX works. However, I ended up not using it at all. But. I will be joining university this semester and I guess I'd make the jump to smartphones.

Generally, I've disliked iOS because the whole UI is practically an App Drawer. I don't think I'd be benefiting from the great library of apps and games either, I'd just end up using the essential applications. However, the appeal for an iPhone for me is in its accessories. I'd probably end up owning quite a bunch of accessories (speakers, car docks, cases, a good microphone, idk.) So question one: Is an iPhone worth buying only because of its accessories? and question two: does a non iPhone device have even a vaguely comparable amount of accessories available?

Next, I'd like to mention that my general preference in OS seems to bend towards Android. After the launch ICS and a consistent design philosophy, it actually seems worthwhile. Moreover, my university's whole online system is built into GMail, Google Calender and that ecosystem.

However, the whole Android lineup seems to be in a 'transition'. The most reliable of the android lineup (Galaxy Nexus) seems to be the least futureproof in terms of specifications. And while the Galaxy Nexus's size seems to be very large, the Galaxy SIII's size seems to be crossing the line.

Moving on, I've never seen the difference between the One X's S-LCD and One S's Super Amoled. Frankly, aside from a lacking microsd slot, the One S seems to be perfect. Would the display be a dealbreaker?

Also, I've never really paid much elaborate attention to the other Android OEMs (mostly because the tech sites (including theverge) don't pay much attention to them either (sorry for the brackets within the brackets)). So is any other brand worth consideration?

And finally. Windows phone 7/7.5/8. I think its beautiful. I've played around with my cousin's Lumia 710 and the OS seems very 'intact'. But if android is in a 'transition', Windows Phone is practically going from Newton to Einstein with its upcoming update. BTW, I really liked the 'unbalanced' start screen of WP7.5, despite the waste of space, it was a beautiful touch they're throwing away with WP8. So is Windows Phone 8 gonna be worth the wait? (That rhymes if you read it out loud. Sorry.)

Another reason why WP8 doesn't seem that bad for me is that while there is a serious lack of functions and apps, I'm a user moving from a dumbphone. So it won't be like i'm used to much better. But will the Google Services Integration be lacking?

This is my first post on theverge. What i've said above is literally an elaborate expansion (albeit a bad one) of the question, "Which is the best smartphone?" But I kinda hoped a logical reasoning behind opting for one phone or the other. And while its practically useless saying this, no fanboyism. Currently, I'm leaning towards one of: iPhone 4S, HTC One S, and the GNex.

Also, if there are any grave omissions about the world of smartphones that I haven't mentioned above, please point them out elaborately. Thanks.