'Siri' vs Android's 'Voice Actions' vs Windows Phone's 'Tellme'

Most of us have seen and experienced Siri.

Not as many have experienced Android's Voice Actions.

Nevertheless, the rise to prominance of these voice concierges cannot be ignored and many would base their decision on whether or not to buy a phone on the availability and effectiveness of these concierges.

In as much as each high end mobile phone needs to have a great camera (including various eye opening funcionalities like 'burst'), navigation and apps, I believe voice concierges are a real deal maker (or breaker).

The reason why I post this topic is because I would like to know the following:

1. Will 'Tellme' be on WP8/Win8 (Pro/RT) and

2. What improvements have been made on 'Tellme'?

The video below shows that Microsoft's 'Tellme' was lagging behind iOS's Siri and Android 'Voice Actions' in the search results for the concierges.


My advice to MS is 'intuitiveness'.

Your thoughts.