Why is Kansas City not getting Google Triple Play?

I'm curious as to why Google didn't include Google Voice phone service with the double play package.It makes sense to provide some sort of triple play for customers who are currently using Time Warner or whatever monopoly is in KS right now. Most people have the triple play and now they're going to have to keep just the phone service from TWC.

I have a magic jack connected to a cordless phone and it works flawlessly. On my phone I use Google Voice to automatically make all international calls. I give my google voice number on craigslist when selling something and send more texts through GV than AT&T. The seamless integration for Google Voice makes it one of my favorite google products.

Google has committed to keeping GV free for 2012, but what happens in 2013? What is the future for Google Voice? Once they have the infrastructure up could they release android phones with just Google Voice and no carrier? Perhaps by acquiring Clear/Sprint?

I'm still not sure what the goal of Google Fiber is but this seemed like a perfect opportunity to unite some of their products. Google needs to start treating their portfolio of products as one service.