Metro UI can be improved, some design don't make sense

I have been a fan on windows phone since it was announced. I even won Xbox 360 and a Fifa 10 game from MS forum before it was discontinued. I have been using windows phone since its released.

Honestly, I think MS need to do some UI changes. I understand why they run off text on the Title but I does not make sense to me why it should apply in some places that's not panorama. like in the music , the songs list cut off, Why should list of names in people app cut off etc.

I think they should reduce Title font Size and list font size. Font size for histories in the people app is beautiful.

The best looking Apps in the marketplace don't have the default big font size titles. for example, face swap and face mask. I think smaller font in some part of the OS will cute.

MS should give us a choice to customize font size and font type. MS should use chosen color theme for some of the button clicks, the white or black looks too boring. they should also uses color theme for the stars in review.

Just My opinion .