Palm Pre: What to do with it

I have an OG Sprint Palm Pre, the one with the little white button on the front, and I'm trying to decide what to do with it. I'm having a hard time throwing it out, and I doubt that I'd get much money for it on Craigslist or Ebay, so I'm trying to find alternative uses for it. I've heard of people getting the phone to dual boot WebOS and Android, if I could get Android to boot, maybe I could use it for a streaming music player hooked to my home theater, but I'd be afraid of the development on it stagnating and then not being able to update apps. I don't really know what all I can do with it now that WebOS as we knew it is dead. Is there any chance that once HP has fully open sourced WebOS, that maybe it'll have some real functionality again?

Aside from using it for target practice, or some other such destructive use, what idea's do you all have?