So I'm leaning towards a 13 inch Macbook Air...

I'm headed off to University soon to study music production, and as a treat for myself, I'd like to buy my first Mac(book), so I can indulge in some Logic and Ableton on the go. What I'd like to know is, should I go for the non-retina Pro model for around the same price (about £939 with education pricing IIRC)?

I already have a quad core desktop computer, with an AMD 6850 graphics card I built a year ago which I'll be using for intensive tasks, and obviously gaming. The SSD in the Air is definitely more appealing to me than the HDD in the Pro, and I'll definitely benefit from the fast boot times. As for storage space, I'll be keeping a 500GB external HDD with me most of the time, and anything I make on the laptop will probably be copied/moved to the desktop PC. However, the faster processor of the Pro is obviously tempting, and I'm sure it has a higher resale value, and will last me longer than the Air.

What also worries me, is the lack of a discrete graphics chip in both models, especially when there is apparently a slight refresh/spec bump on the way with the 13 inch retina MBP (however, this may be just it). On the other hand, Apple may never put a discrete graphics chip in the Air, as it is after all, their basic model laptop. As well as audio production work, I'm a keen photography, and some Photoshop here and there is essential. (As a side note, for audio stuff, I use an external USB audio interface).

I'm torn between the two, Apple Core. The Air seems most practical, but the Pro will probably last me longer. Anyone had a similar dilemma? Advice? Thanks in advance!

P.S, I'm aware that my back will thank me more if I go for the air.