YABQ - Yet another bag question - Over night (camera) backpack

Last overseas trip I did I took a LowePro Fastpack with 4 lenses and my DSLR. I used it as my only backpack and had my laptop and associated "stuff".

I have another trip coming up to India and am looking for a new backpack. I'm not taking as many lenses this time, and they are all small prime lenses.

What I'm looking for is a new backpack to carry the camera gear, but has a large space so I can use the bag as an overnight bag (with the camera gear). I've tried a Kata 467i, and it is so close to perfect, but there isn't quite enough room for a change of clothes and other stuff that I'd take in an overnight bag.

The Crumpler Sinking Barge looks good. But I'd have to buy it online sight unseen (no shops carry Crumpler where I live) - hard to gage how much stuff I can fit in it.

Anyone got a Sinking Barge?

Any other suggestions?