Anyone have feedback on the Dell T7600's?


So it's a two-horse selection race between the HP Z820 and this.

I'm not going to be obsessing about silence on these particular machines so the lack of the liquid-cooling option that the HP has had is not a particular handicap. All the configs will be around the ballpark of the NVidia 5000 + Tesla setup with dual E5-2687W's. Drive configurations will differ - some will use PCI-E SSS/SSD or third party RAID controllers.

I have issues with Dell in terms of notebooks but I'm not vehemently against buying from them when it comes to desktops and servers - and the reason I'm looking at the Dell T's right now is that the quotes I have are extremely competitive.

I have extensive experience with the T7500 which I thought was functionally fine, if a little agricultural feeling inside - sure, I'll take the Dell implementation over the pretty but ultimately utterly useless Mac Pro layout, but it did suffer in comparison to the layout of the HP Z800. From what images I can see on the site it looks like they've made at least a bit of an effort to tidy things up a bit more this time, but I'm wondering e.g. if that has that impacted function (in either direction) at all.

Any early-user general opinions (especially helpful if you are also a Z800 user)?