Windows 8 Desktop on a tablet is "Horrible" according to Arstechnica

I was reading an article at the Arstechnica website where they trashed the Windows 8 desktop experience calling it horrible... link.

While every one is entitled to emit their personal opinions on any subject, I think the review is flawed. The author extrapolates issues, even stating that using a very simple App that has been very touch friendly even in older versions of windows is unsatisfactory. Not sure what tablet he used for the review though, I guess it was a very bad one or he has very fat fingers.

In my experience it has been nothing less than great, really improved over previous Windows versions. My mantra on the subject is that "It is not harder than navigating a website on any mobile device" and I think the experience is just going to get better with a real Windows 8 tablet with proper DPI settings (+120 dpi) , higher quality touch panel than what is on my Transformer tablet (remote client) and the replacement of Aero.

To prove my case.

Windows 8 Desktop (Splashtop remote client) (via Abraham Saenz)

Bear in mind that I'm not a professional video editor (in fact this is my first video ever...) of any kind and I don't have a Windows 8 tablet, I emulated the table experience using Splashtop W8 test bed.


An other video really showing the power of the desktop interface on windows 8:

Start on minute 2:30

BibleWorks 9 on a Windows 8 Tablet PC (via BibleWorksVideos)

What has been your experience so far?