The Gaming Hardware You Love

So! I've been working on updating that How To Computer post of mine, and soon, I'll be working on a How to Console post (including discussing, among other things, what kind of television you should buy). Thing is, I don't know everything there is to know about gaming hardware, even if I'd like to. There are a lot of good remarks people have made in the comments of the HTC post, and I plan on updating it massively, crediting their contributions, and so on and so forth, but I got to thinking: what about the little stuff? I mean, sure, everyone talks about what console you should get or what computer hardware you should buy, but what about the mouse you should get or the headset you should buy?


This thread's for the little things--the third-party controllers (no Dualshocks/Wavebirds/360s here, folks), the speakers, the televisions... maybe even the chairs. What hardware do you like?

Oh, and can anyone recommend a good mouse? After four years, mine's starting to need a replacement.