Instapaper for Android has seen a significant growth since the release of the Nexus 7 tablet, Mobelux co-founder and creative director Jeff Rock told The Next Web. Beginning with the launch of the Nexus 7, Instapaper for Android saw a 600 percent increase in downloads from the Google Play store. The 7-inch Asus-made tablet also holds the highest share of all Android device installs, despite the fact that the device launched only a couple weeks ago, and consumer demand has exceeded Google's supply.

The app's success is likely due in part to the nature of the device — as Rock says, "7-inch tablets are great for reading." The Nexus 7's usefulness as a reading device, the tablet's popularity, and Google's decision to ship the tablet with a $25 Play store credit have all combined to boost sales of Instapaper for Android. While the success of a single app doesn't reflect accurately on the entire Android tablet app ecosystem, it is a sign that there could be enough of an Android tablet market to justify better apps for the platform.