The Future of TV (Hint: Yahoo might actually be cool at some point!)

Barring a spike in cable company innovation, we are moving towards a future where more and more video content will be delivered over the internet. The issues and complications that go along with that aren't my point here, but I want to address something Yahoo is doing that may catch on.

Yahoo recently finished up "airing" season 1 of Burning Love, a short-form internet TV show which spoofs The Bachelor. The 14 episode season averaged roughly 8 minutes a piece and were posted more frequently than just one episode per week. This has been done before, but I would argue that it hasn't been done like this.

For starters, the production value is very high and is backed up by executive producer Ben Stiller. Ken Marino stars, and there are cameos and minor roles played by several actors that many would actually recognize. And most importantly, it's funny. I expected it to be decent, given the cast, but I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed the show. The entertainment value almost made up for the shitty Yahoo video player that constantly got confused about when it was supposed to play a commercial. Four minutes in? Sure, why not.

Video issues aside, I commend Yahoo for actually do something relevant and entertaining. I think the combination of recognizable actors, short-form presentation, and the feeling of sticking it to Comcast (in a very small way) is a good recipe for success in the future of video programming.

Any thoughts on Burning Love or what video content should be like?