I equally use the big three - Apple, Google and Microsoft.

This is me, once I upgrade my dinosaur smartphone, my aging laptop and my current OS over the next 2-3 months:

I'm using a Galaxy Nexus with Jelly Bean and love it, I'm using the awesome Macbook Pro with Retina Display, and am using and loving Windows 8 (on the Mac).

I am ecosystem-less (choosing custom services like dropbox for my cloud sync & backup, spotify for my listening and a combination of gmail and outlook for email), and I'm a heavy customiser of my OSes but also stick to no nonsense reliable design (and not ever-changing eye candy skins).

It's Windows, because I'm a heavy computer user who needs to use lots of geeky and specific apps which just don't exist on the mac system and who actually likes hacking his registry or, explicitly displaying (and using as his primary organisation method), the 'file system' (sorry Jobs).

It's Macbook, because it's the best laptop hardware for non gamers, simple.

It's Android, because of my preference for customising and control and it's Nexus because of the incredible consistency of performance with android's latest updates despite being only dual-core and cos the other ones are just too dang big. (and cos I'm still waiting for a true, flawless, uh...topolsky-approved successor to the nexus...)

Just interesting that I'm therefore using the big three companies, all fairly equally. My 'daily driving', is all three, equally as importantly. Just happens to be that way.

Sure I don't represent the general public (actually hang on - I do, in terms of markestshare numbers - except for the macbook probably), but I like to think that each company has the leading position in one of these three areas.

It's nice. competition is great.

I don't like being locked into ecosystems though. I like more freedom. But if I had to chose one at gunpoint, it'd probably be google's.

anyone with me?????