Documents in iCoud a hot freaking mess!!

Back when iCloud was announced, apple made an amazing promise. I would be able to start a document with pages on my iMac and it will automagically sink to my iPad. Changes would sync in more or less real time, no fuss.

This appealed to me so much. I use my iPad as my main mobile device, I do not own a laptop. I was so excited for this feature, it seemed like it would elevate the iPad and stifle all of those who claimed it was simply a content consumption device.

One year later, and finally this promise has come to fruition with mountain lion and documents in the cloud. But...there is one small little problem Apple overlooked. iWork for the Mac and iWork for iOS are not built on the same code. Documents are saved in different formats. The two apps in their current form are barely compatible.

So if I create a document I pages on my Mac, and try to open it over iCloud on my iPad I get a stern warning "open this document as a copy or you risk altering the original document." So now I have two copies of the original document, and the one I opened on my iPad has stripped out all kinds of nonessential fonts, incompatible graphics and tables, and I have to fix these changes. Then I go back to my Mac, make a few more simple changes, and when I go back to my iPad I am presented with the same warning "make a copy of this document, or risk messing up the original"

This is NOT what Steve Jobs had in mind when he announced the simplicity of iCoud document syncing. War we have right now is one big hot mess!! All of the elements are there, and it is almost great...but in the end it is frustrating for anything other than very simple text documents.

Im not sure what apple needs to do to fix this mess? Do they need to make the iWork for iOS apps more capable? Or make the iWork for Mac apps more stripped down? Or both? Do they need an IOS document compatibility mode? I have no idea, but it needs to be fixed FAST because it is ruining the experience of the iPad as a work machine. Does anyone know what apple could do to fix this?