Why does Text look so bad in Windows 8?

I've installed all of the Windows 8 beta's at one point or another just to check it out. However I uninstalled it a month ago when I bought my SSD and just yesterday found time to re-boot camp my MacBook Pro and install it again.

I used to use Windows and was a big fan of Windows 7 and how it restored people's faith in MS. That said, I've been using OS X for 2 years now almost exclusively and only Win 8 to check it out ( I did go a full weekend of exclusive Windows 8 use though) and my eyes are adjusted to OS X and I seem to notice things about Windows 8 that are jarring.

My main issue is the way that text looks in Windows 8 (maybe all versions, its mostly easy to see in the desktop of Win8). Text looks skinny and jagged and even appealing Pixelated slightly (tho its not a resolution issue). It looks smaller, less vibrant and just different. Even big text like the Forum name look jagged and almost fuzzy but still in high res.

So I have a few questions:

What is the difference in text/font rendering between Windows and Mac?

Why do they look different?

Is there something I can do to make text and fonts look better on Windows 8?

I was going to try to use Windows 8 tomorrow at work (I work in graphic design but as a project manager and we use nothing but Mac) since the new office is out to try and just see if I can get by However i'm almost feeling like the text/font difference would give me a headache. I know I never noticed before as a Windows user because my eyes were adjusted however it just seems soo much different now that Im used to a different OS.