A nice way to spend a billion dollars

I think Microsoft should include a $50 credit for the Microsoft Store with every Windows RT tablet sold.

Microsoft would get 30% of it back right away, so every $50 credit actually costs them $35.

Some customers will hesitate to buy a Windows RT tablet based on the cost involved in switching ecosystems (e.g. if you upgrade from an iPad to a Windows RT tablet you need to repurchase all the apps you need).

A $50 credit would help remedy that, or even totally cover the cost in a lot of cases.

Finally people are more likely to spend if they are given a credit. This would funnel more money back to the Windows developers targeting metro than otherwise would have. Microsoft knows more than anyone that supporting developers is key to a successful platform.

If Microsoft limited the cost of the promotion to a billion dollars they would be able to reach the first 28.5 million Windows RT customers.

I’m not sure what Microsoft’s projected sales for Windows RT tablets are, but I’d be surprised if 28.5 million didn’t cover the first 12-18 months.