After all the hype and hoopla of last month's E3, you might be forgiven for thinking that consoles are the only way to game. And yet, the stalwart PC continues to defy exaggerated reports of its demise with hugely popular series like Battlefield, Crysis, Diablo, StarCraft, and Total War offering gaming experiences that simply cannot be touched by consoles.

It’s not hard to see why gamers would opt to stick with the trusty old desktop tower: PCs offer the highest resolutions, the greatest customizability, and the added flexibility of letting you play with multiple monitors. It was for these reasons that we built the Verge Gaming Rig in December, stretching a $999 budget into a comprehensively specced machine that could handle pretty much anything at a 1080p resolution.

Today we’re bringing the Gaming Rig back for a review of its performance in the latest games and a comparison against two hot new contenders: the Nvidia GeForce GTX 680 and AMD Radeon HD 7970. Yes, we’ve gotten ahold of the two most fearsome single-GPU cards on the market and we’re not afraid to use them to crush our previous benchmark records. Only question is, if our PC was already a strong performer, what value can a souped-up new graphics card really add? Read on for the answer.