PolyTAY : 3/7 (Archived)


Welcome to PolyTAY for Tuesday July 3rd, 2012.

Yesterday was all doom and gloom here on PolyTAY - we really need to change that title - where we talked about the end of the world and what people would get up to should we find out there were only six months left on the clock.

Pkmn Trainer IXA wondered how they were going to get through the remainder of the back catalogue they've built up in that time. PrinceLUDA21 felt that out of all the outlandish things they wanted to do, a trip to Canada to chill out would be the best use of their time...amongst other things. Finally TruthTellah lends a voice of reason to the EOW conspirators and informs all of us "it's just a silly myth".

Thank goodness! Now that planetary crisis has been averted today we turn to injuries, more specifically game related injuries. Have you ever broken something on your person (or even someone elses) whilst playing a videogame? Okay, maybe you haven't but I'm sure you've had injuries that prevented you from playing games in the usual way. In 2003 I was jumped cycling home from work and ended up with a fractured wrist, deep gashes on my face, palms and leg - all of which had gravel which needed to be picked out. Yuck! That summer my employer told me to stay home and recover as I was not ensured to work in the building with my injuries. That meant spending time with loved ones, friends and trying to finish Final Fantasy X with one hand (I was wearing a heavy cast). I think I finished it not long after that accursed thing came off. It wasn't a fun experience but hey, that's how life rolls sometimes.

Anyway, enough from me. Let's hear your stories folks in the comments below!


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