I Cannot Quit Skyrim

I cannot boast in saying I've been an Elder Scrolls fan my whole life. I'm still under 30, and I didn't get into the Tamriel party until after Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion was released. My time spent in Oblivion was fairly extensive- put in about 115 hours into one character and one play through. The xbox 360 that was being used red-ringed, and so after that I didn't play many video games until I bought my own console. Needless to say, I loved the game, and would have played more if it were possible.

Fast forward to last year, when Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim was released. Bought it day one, and settled down into what would become the most immersive (and sometimes breathtaking) video game experiences that I have ever had. My first character was a female Nord (boring, I know), because I wanted to just get right in there and play, so I went through the character creation screen as fast as possible. I later regretted it, but that's neither here no there. I finally put the game aside in January, after having logged in almost 130hrs into my Nord's playthrough. I knew there'd be DLC expansions eventually, and I wanted to play some other games that I had completely ignored post-Skyrim's release.

Fast forward again to a month ago. I loaded Skyrim up again, with the intent to start a new character so I could get all of the beginning stuff out of the way for when Dawnguard was released, since it was said you only needed to be level 10 to access the content. I created a male Khajiit, thinking I'd level him up to 10 or so really quick, then wait for the DLC.


97 hours later, I had a level 40 character. I completely avoided all of the faction quests (aside from the Companions), and just roamed the countryside with my bow and mage sidekick. It completely blew my mind how much stuff I had missed in my first playthrough, despite having spent a considerable amount of time in the game. There were whole cave networks and castles I hadn't even seen before. It was like playing a brand new game. I tried to fast travel as little as possible, and just explore at my own pace. I was sucked into Skyrim once more.

Currently, I'm at 130hrs, and about to ding at level 50. I decided to side with the vampires in the Dawnguard questline, and I'm coming up on the end of the DLC, I think. But I know that I won't stop playing once I defeat the sun, or whatever ridiculous goal Harkon has for me to achieve. I know that once I put the Soul Cairn behind me, I'll be found out in the wilds of Tamriel once more, with a bow in hand, and most likely trolling on some giants and their mammoths.

Better bundle back up.


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