It's a Man's (virtual) World

I happened to catch a link to this article via Fat, Ugly or Slutty and I thought it was an interesting read.

I do think that the bit thrown in about Tomb Raider is unnecessary. Unless I missed something, this article is meant to talk about the abuse that real-life women face. Regardless of the fact that I don't personally feel the devs behind TR did anything wrong, these are two entirely different issues: how women are portrayed in games, and how real-life women are treated online.

But putting that aside, this really is a pretty good article. And it highlights two of my favorite time-wasting sites: Fat, Ugly or Slutty, and Not In The Kitchen, Anymore. Good times :)

For the record, I'd like everyone to know that I am not some man-hating, Girl Power!-spouting ultra-feminist with a chip on her shoulder. I have a lot of really cool male friends, as well as female friends, that I game with. I personally rarely experience any kind of assault or harassment. But I know that I'm pretty lucky in that regard, since the games that I play tend to have communities that shy away from such nonsense (I have yet to ever play a multiplayer game of COD, and I've only ever really gamed with friends in Halo). I'm not saying my games are BETTER (weeeeeell...), but we all know that some communities are just more vocal then others.

The guys (and women - there ARE women abusive against other women, online) portrayed in these audio clips and screen captures need nothing more then to simply grow up. I'm not saying they're kids in the physical sense, but in the mental one. They have a certain image of women, and some chick daring to pick up a controller and best them on their 'turf' just isn't a part of that particular delusion. In order to fight this abuse towards men and women alike, I'm asking you: please, please report if you see this kind of behavior going on in a match. Even if it's not directed at you, these idiots seriously need to know where the line is being drawn between general trash talk/playful bantering, and cruel harassment. I'm really hoping that in time, MS and Sony will put in some better systems for stopping this kind of crap, and we can all enjoy the next game a little more :)

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