Redemption game centers are like zombie arcades

It's bad enough that arcades are dying or dead, but do my favorite coin-op hangouts from when I was a teen need to become ticket game centers?

I'm visiting El Paso this week and my brother and I talked about going to the local Peter Piper Pizza. When I was in high school we would spend Friday night either hanging out at the skating rink or at Peter Piper, playing arcade games all night.

The rink is closed, but the city is still packed with Peter Pipers. Fortunately, I called before we headed over. It turns out that all of the pizza places now only have redemption games.

Ticket games are the undead equivalent of arcade machines, they're familiar but the more you examine them the more you realize what an abomination they are.

I guess I need to hunt down a skating rink ... with some pinball. Wish me luck.