Nexus 7 Vs Playbook

I am looking at a budget 7" Tablet for mostly internet / email use, at home in front of the TV, Kitchen etc.

I cant decide between the Nexus 7 8Gb and Playbook 16Gb which are both around £169 here.

I had an Archos 80 G9 but sent it back due to quality control issues.


Nexus 7 - More Apps (not a massive requirement) and higher res screen (not a biggie)

Playbook - More Storage, better Browser?

I really dont have any allegiance to Android or Blackberry. I dont use many apps on my phone (2.2 HTC Desire) apart from Tapatalk, Facebook, IMDB etc which are all on both platforms. I dont play any games. Dont need 3G. Only thing I can think of is Sonos/Squeezebox for example is not avaliable on BB, and thats something I may look into in the future.

Apart from having a play with them and deciding between hardware, are there any other things I have missed?

Cheers, Rob