About once a quarter, Google trims back old and outdated products and services as part of a "spring cleaning" initiative, and today's the day that the company is announcing the latest cuts. For starters, Google is finally moving any content hosted on the old Google Video site over to YouTube; users haven't been able to upload videos to Google Video since May of 2009, so this change should go under the radar for most users. Perhaps more noteworthy is the announcement iGoogle's impending shutdown. While Google's widget-based personal homepage won't go away until November 1st, 2013, the clock is now officially ticking. Google's also killing its Symbian search app; this also likely won't affect many users, as they can just use google.com search through the Symbian browser.

Google's also shutting down "Google Mini," an enterprise-focused search product that brings "Google-quality search" to a company's website or intranet. This product will be shut down on July 31st; Google says that its other offerings will more than make up for the shutdown. Lastly, say goodbye to the Google Talk Chatback tool — this widget allowed sites to embed a Talk widget to engage with visitors. Google says its "outdated" and suggests people use the dreaded Meebo bar — not surprising, since Google purchased Meebo last month. We're hoping that none of these products were your favorite, because their days are officially numbered.