Verizon has apparently decided against selling subsidized tablets with one- and two-year contracts. Whereas before, it sold the iPad at full price, now every tablet in its lineup is only available at the full, retail price. According to TechCrunch, the move actually happened in the wake of its new Share Everything plans, which allow users to share data across multiple devices for an additional per-device fee. Netbooks (which are still around) are also being sold at full-price. Although Verizon's Share Everything fee structure has been the source of some consternation, but at least with tablets the per-device add-on cost is that the bottom of the scale.

It's not clear yet if this will be a permanent change for all future tablets and netbooks that Verizon sells, but we've reached out for comment and will let you know what we hear. In the meantime, be ready to pony up a lot more money up-front if you're looking to pick up a tablet from big red.