iOS has room to grow.

For the last two weeks I have been using iOS 6 beta (now beta 2) on my iPhone 4 and I've found that it really is far from the kind of upgrade that I was hoping for. I think that this mobile operating system still has plenty of room to grow. Here are a few major areas of improvement:

  1. Apps are like silos and interact with each other only in instances of "Open in..." Apps need to be permeable, not isolated. Siri should be able to use apps the same way she uses the stock clock app or the weather app. The share sheet should to open to any app that wants in ("Open this photo in Instagram").
  2. The OS is far too rigid. Lenin should be replaceable. Any app should be quickly accessible from the lock screen (currently stuck to the camera icon). The lock screen itself needs to be flexible enough to show information like it does with turn by turn directions with the stock maps app on iOS 6.
  3. The OS could be more functional. The app switcher is far less useful than it could be. Icons should be able to show information (see: stock calendar app).
So what do you think?