My Android wishlist.....

This is my wishlist that I'm cross-posting from the Key Lime Pie thread. I don’t know about predictions and what Google will pull off in 5.0, but here’s my laundry list of things I wish Google would fix/improve/offer:

1) Device Management and security. Find my phone. Remote lock. Remote wipe.

2) Backup. All app data in Google Drive. Google+ is getting there for photos. Now let’s do all the other apps.

3) Tasks and Reminders. It’s utterly ridiculous that Android still doesn’t have a real task management and reminders app. How did Apple get ahead of Google or location based reminders?

4) Content. Still not as good as Apple or Amazon in the USA. But devastatingly bad outside the USA. Heck, I had to follow a Verge hack to get Google Music here in Canada. And I still can’t buy music from Google. How does Google expect to even compete here with Apple when they aren’t willing to offer a broad and truly universal media sales/distribution service?

5) Voice commands. Google Now is nice. But I want real voice commands and personal assistant functionality that allows for location based reminders with a simple command, or allows me to move appointments when Google Now prompts me that I have one. Like Siri. I know.

6) Google Wallet. See Apple’s Passbook. That’s what Google Wallet should have been like as a minimum. Google messed it up. And now Apple will jump ahead. In a few months, Apple will have 200 million iOS6 users with Passbook, worldwide. By Christmas there will be probably be 20 million new NFC equipped iPhones with Passbook too. Google has a shot at recovery here. But they really gotta work hard and cut the deals necessary. If payments aren’t possible, steal a page from Apple and launch Wallet as an organizer for everything but payments.

7) Google Docs. I wish Google would work hard to make Docs as compatible with and as familiar as MS Office as possible. Make it a true MS Office replacement.

8) Chrome OS from Android. Let me dock my phone and work in Chrome OS on a desktop. Just like webtop on the Motorola Bionic. Except, an all Google solution.


Now that we've seen Jelly Bean. What would you like to see in Key Lime Pie?