Should I sell my 32Gb Touchpad for a Nexus 7?

I had about 3 32gb touchpads from the firesale and sold two to pay for one of my own. I like the device, but it is made with really glossy plastic, thick, and slightly heavy. I also keep it in a faux-leather case most of time, which makes it even worse. I installed ICS on it, which it runs admirably, but I'm tempted by the Nexus 7 because it is a fully-featured device that is supported by actual Google ROMs. Also, the Touchpad ICS doesn't seem to have driver support for the camera and mic, which means I can't Skype on the thing.

My only problem is that I could likely get enough to just pay for the 16gb Nexus 7 (I'm a student, so I want to stretch my money), which means I'm arguably jumping down in screen size (9.7 to 7 is a big hit) and have half as much space (32 to 16). Still, the Touchpad has a PPI of 131.96 vs the 7's 214. If the 7's screen isn't better, it's at least more dense. The 32Gb Touchpad retailed for over $500 and was in competition with the iPad, where as this device isn't even aimed at that market. Will I notice the difference in quality between the two devices (one being $200 and the other originally $600?)

Is it a good idea to switch, or should I keep my Touchpad? Or maybe, should I sell the Touchpad, bank the money, and wait for the next Nexus tablet (which hopefully will have expandable storage)?