iOS crashing : try closing out of apps and rebooting

I keep reading comments and even heard Josh T. say "I have problems with my first, second or third generation iPad....crashing"

To solve this problem you have to understand that the amount of RAM on Apple's tablets is limited: when too many apps are loaded (in the background), this slows the performance down and ultimately causes crashes.

Solution 1: do the four finger up swipe or double tap, and close out of all of those apps that are open that you are not using.

Keep in Mind : Browsers (safari, chrome, ect) on the iPad can eat up a huge memory footprint, so if you are browsing image heavy sites like The Verge or Autoblog or something like that, this will limit your multi-tasking. You have to stay on top of closing out of apps completely with solution 1.

Solution 2: Restart your iPad. I know for a fact that people are leaving their iPad's on for days at a time in standby, sometime weeks or months without restarting them; who them complain about glitches and crashing... You need to restart with some regularity to refresh your device.

Solution 3: keep your apps up to date. Old versions of apps often have code errors and issues that can interfere with your iPad when these out of date apps are running in the background.

I am not an apple technician or employee: just an ordinary younger guy with a second Gen iPad that never crashes because I embrace the 3 solutions: they seem like common sense to me, but I know others have very different levels of exposure to digital technology. I wrote the above to help people enjoy their expensive apple tablets free of crashing.