Looking at Mirror-less cameras

Hey all, I've finally decided to get myself a real camera. Up until now the only camera I've ever had was the ones in my phones.

I did commonly use my mother's Rebel-XS back in high school (3years ago) to photograph my sister's sporting events, and her mine, and I borrowed my roommate's EOS 5D to shoot my cousin's wedding last spring. so the complexity of some cameras isn't a turnoff for me. I've decided I want a mirror-less or micro 4/3rds camera over a full blown DSLR or point-n-shoot. I've had my eye on the Sony NEX-5N, Sony NEX-F3, and recently the Canon EOS-M. I'd say $900 is the upper limit for camera kit cost. Im looking to pick up my choice of camera around November to maybe catch a good black Friday deal.

I think video will be my main priority, but obviously taking good stills is also important. I write for a small tech blog and I need a good camera for video reviews, and taking pictures of review units as well

I know I mentioned my mother has a Rebel-XS, but I personally have no investment in the lenses she has so thats not a deciding factor for me.

It's probably irrelevant to bring the EOS-M in to my choices seeing as it's still a few months away from market, but Canon is the only high-end camera I have experience with. They also have a vast quantity of quality glass that makes it tempting. Yet $200 for the adapter seems steep. Though I've not heard anything too negative about Sony's lenses either.

I'm open to other camera's as well so please denizens of The Verge help an aspiring amateur writer/ photographer!

Many thanks in advance!