iCache Geode version 2

I'm a huge fan of the Kickstarted project iCache Geode digital wallet. It's a brilliant and very forward-thinking tech that I'm surprised hasn't gotten more publicity. However, it's focus on the iPhone 4 and 4s form-factor comes very late in the cycle that I'm afraid it won't take off for consumers with this version. With all the rumors about the next-gen iPhone form-factor design, I believe that iCache needs to quickly have a version 2 of the Geode ready for release soon after the iPhone specs are officially released. What needs to change in version 2 to make it a better sell?

The case form-factor is way too bulky for my taste. It forces users into a "full" case design, taking away from the elegant essence of the iPhone. Here are my thoughts that can change:


1) Cut down case design to as a little as possible. Allow for all buttons to be open and visible.

2) Shrink and move biometric reader to another spot, possible left or right side of case where your thumb naturally rests.

3) Eliminate mini-usb port by replacing with secondary dock connector.

4) Create a built-in space for driver's license to reside.

5) Move e-ink display to the actual card, and make that part of card visible through holder.

6) Make e-ink display show vital card information, with name and maybe photo id when card is programmed.