I was once disgusted by them - Why do you use a Mac?


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What's in your bag is probably my favourite recurring feature on The Verge, and I'm sure everybody has noticed that most of the featured bags contain Mac notebooks.

I studied graphic design, and working on a Mac was a requirement during that time. Even though all of the same software was available for Windows, nobody seemed to use one.

I hated Mac! Just plain disgusted by them, but like most Windows users, I'd never actually used one before!

Anyway, during my studies I began to like working on Mac OSX. It was stable, and seemed to handle having lots of windows open way better than Windows actually did. Memory was managed well, and it was just dependable — that was the main thing! I'd grown up with Windows, but this was the first time that using a computer had to earn me an income! And with that realisation I wanted a computer that wasn't going to crash before I saved(Windows had scared me shitless, so my fingers were always hovering over that Ctrl-S area of the keyboard!)

In 2004 I bought my first Mac - a PowerBook G4, and I loved it!

I transitioned from graphic design into photography 5 years back, and currently own 4 Macs with a Retina MacBook Pro on the way, but I've never regretted buying that first one. I've never thought: "Maybe I should try working on Windows?" I've always had Windows lying around on a PC for batch processing or anything I couldn't do on my Mac, but over the years there was less and less need to keep a Windows PC around, and when I moved, I just left it behind.

I try to remain unbiased, and Windows has made significant strides forward to becoming more Mac like(lol, but they do copy a lot of OSX features) and i'm also genuinely excited by Windows 8's Metro UI(even though I don't understand how it's useful with the full desktop behind it) but I can say with complete confidence that I'll never use a Windows PC as my main computer again.

So, back to the topic - Why do you use a Mac?

I use one because it lets me get my work done, and that's it. I do my work, and I continue with my life.

No installing drivers, no thousands of notifications about every little virus update or thing my computer is doing(!) and no constant maintenance to make sure my computer functions properly.

I am a geek, but you shouldn't have to be one to use a computer.