Why does IE have to use so much RAM?

I'll start by saying I'm a big IE fan and a huge fan of Microsoft in general so I'm not trying to get at them, I'm just wondering about something. When I start IE10 Release Preview (on Windows 8 RP), I have 5 tabs that load at startup. These are Facebook, Hotmail, CNET.com, LiveSide.net and The Verge. It immediately uses several hundred megabytes of RAM, and when I have a lot of tabs open it can get to over a gigabyte. This isn't really a problem since I have 10GB of RAM, but it's annoying when compared to Google Chrome.

When I start Chrome (again in Windows 8 RP), I have the same 5 tabs loading. But it only uses around 60MB of RAM, a sharp contrast to IE. And it only goes up to about a hundred or so with many tabs, versus over a gigabyte with IE.

As I've said, this really isn't a problem, but it's just a tad annoying. For tablets like the Microsoft Surface (especially the RT version, with IE as the only browser option) with not as much RAM, this could be a problem. Do you think Microsoft will fix this for the final IE10 version?