LG has been saying for some time now that the Optimus 2X, its 2011 flagship device, would eventually be upgraded to Android 4.0, but it seems like the company is doing an about face. Despite its previous public assurances, LG Canada's Twitter stream just nixed the idea, saying that "the Optimus 2X will not be receiving the ICS upgrade. The original upgrade announcement was a general statement issued from HQ." It's not at all clear what LG means by a "general statement," but its previous announcement seemed pretty unambiguous. We can't say we're terribly surprised — the device is well over a year old, and initially launched with Android 2.2 Froyo, but it's still a fairly well-speced phone — the first with a dual-core, Tegra 2 processor. Given the back-and-forth status of this phone's eligibility for Ice Cream Sandwich, we wouldn't be at all surprised if this tweet wasn't the final word on the matter.