Unlimited talk/text and 3GB data for $25, thanks to legislation

So, as follow up to a post discussing legislation in Israel that lead to massive industry competition, I just wanted to update a few months later and let everyone know that in Israel you can now get unlimited minutes and sms's with 3GB of data for the equivalence of $25 (that is 99 NIS).

There are a whole bunch of MNVOs offering pretty much this plan (some offer 89 NIS for unlimited min/text and 1/2GB data). The bigger traditional operators have now dropped and matched their prices. You now have a choice between some 5-6 operators all around these prices.

I've been jumping each month to a new operator (same phone number, without ETFs, etc. - see previous post on how that's possible - binding contracts are now illegal), just to try them out, for fun. Unfortunately, I have an N1 variant that's missing one frequency most operators are using, so I'm personally not entirely free to have that kind of fun...

Anyway, I'm wondering if there's anything like this anywhere else in the world? Please let me know in the comments.