A number of Verizon users in the Midwest are experiencing data connection issues this morning, on both 3G and LTE networks. We've had a number of tipsters write in detailing the issues, and a quick Twitter search shows many more complaining of troubles. It sounds like voice calling is working reliably, but data is dropping intermittently. We've reached out to Verizon to confirm the outage and see if there's a timeline for when things will be operating normally, and we'll update here with any new information we get.

Update: We just received a statement from Verizon which confirmes that "there was a brief network issue this morning" which affected 3G signals for a subset of customers in Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, and Wisconsin. Verizon claims that LTE service wasn't affected, and that the issue was cleared up by 8AM Central time. That doesn't quite match what we heard, but at the least it seems that the issue should be fixed by now. Verizon's full statement is below.

In Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky and Wisconsin, there was a brief network issue this morning affecting 3G data service for some but not all customers with 3G devices. Our network team resolved the issue around 8 AM Central Time. All customers had voice and texting capabilities throughout. 4G LTE data service was unaffected.