One of the new downsides of Barnes & Noble's Nook Tablet is that it doesn't have access to the Google Play app store; instead it has to rely on the customer B&N solution. As such, it's missing many of the core Google apps, including Maps. As such, owners haven't had much of a high-quality mapping solution for their devices, but Skobbler is trying to change that with the launch of ForeverMap 2 in the Nook App Store. Skobbler already offers navigation apps in the iTunes Store as well as Google Play and is now taking its OpenStreeMaps-powered solution to both the Nook Tablet and Nook Color.

The app comes both free and paid versions; the free app offers online access to maps, route directions and calculation (but no turn-by-turn, since the Nook devices don't have GPS), local search, and Wi-Fi positioning. The $4.99 ForeverMap 2 "Pro" app will also allow for unlimited downloading of apps for offline usage. Beyond the apps (the free version should be available today, while the paid app has been out since last Wednesday), Skobbler also announced a partnership with Barnes & Noble to make its app the default mapping application available for Nook developers, so future apps can integrate with it and be "location-aware." While it's not yet clear how well this app matches up with Google's excellent (and free) in-house solution, it sounds like ForeverMap 2 will be a strong option for Nook Tablet and Color users who can't access Google's app.