Taking a Trip to Android (update)

I am a huge fan of IOS. I have been using the iPhone since the 3G. I have been using my iPhone 4 waiting for the iPhone 5 to come out. A few days ago something got stuck in my 30 pin connector and made it hard to charge my phone. Yesterday if stopped charging in general. I pulled the thing out of my phone it was some small with piece of cloth. My phone still wouldn't charge after that. This morning I called AT&T and to my surprise they sent me a replacement phone to help me hold out until the iPhone 5 comes out. The phone they just sent to me is the galaxy s II. So I will be using it until my new iPhone comes out. So after I use the phone until the new iPhone comes out. From my experience with the original galaxy s, I'm not a big touchwiz fan. Is there any way to get ics or jellybean on the phone or any tips and tricks you guys can tell me?

Update: they are sending me the GSII Skyrocket. Will I have to use different things to root it. Or will it come with ICS out of the box? I think it's funny that they sent me a 4.5 inch screen to replace my 3.5. Also kinda bummed my sister used my update for my iPhone 5 to get a 4s in February without telling me. So no iPhone 5 for me :c.