Windows software for gamepad mapping?

I play games on my Mac, both in Boot Camp and on the Mac side (when available). There is an astoundingly perfect Mac application called ControllerMate which provides unrivaled customization of buttons and macro creation. If you can imagine a custom macro/layout/configuration, you can make it with ControllerMate.

Unfortunately, as we all know, Macs can't run many games. ControllerMate is great for Diablo 3 since I can play that on Mac, but no such solution exists on Windows. There are a lot of programs available that allow you to map buttons to keys and such, but not a single one even comes close to ControllerMate. The developer has already said that a Windows version is not likely.

Here's what I have tried (and am stuck using) so far on Windows:

  • JoyToKey
  • MotionInJoy
  • GlovePIE
  • Logitech SetPoint
These all do different things, and they do them very poorly. Is there any solution as in-depth as ControllerMate?