Peter Nitsch of Teehan+Lax has been experimenting with new ways of interacting with ASCII art that go well beyond static text images of narwhals. His latest project combined a projector and a computer too allow the characters to "exist in physical space – with light and paint." With the setup, an artist can paint on a wall and the physical white paint becomes a projected image of ASCII characters.

While you probably won't be painting with ASCII with that yourself anytime soon, you can play with the technology behind it. To enable to new project, Nitsch needed to write new code with OpenGL, which just so happens to be a port away from WebGL. The latter technology is no stranger to Google Maps mashups, and so Nitsch put together an ASCII art version of Google Street View. You can punch in any address and see the Street View reimagined with ASCII characters. It's quite mesmerizing — but be sure to visit with Chrome or Firefox, which are the most likely browsers to support it.