Improvements V. Regressions: Is your workflow faster with Windows 8?

One of the most constant criticisms I've read about Windows 8 is how it affects your workflow and how it ends up affecting productivity as a consequence.

I've had my own gripes with the missing start menu: Link and I read a post about something I really did not noticed, go try to open two instances of desktop program from either search or the start screen, *spoiler* it does not open a second instance, it takes you back to the instance you already had open. To accomplish the task you should right click the item and then select "open a new window" from the bottom menu.

Of course you are going to find work around the situation and you may say that pinning the program will make it faster or just opening it from the desktop, but the fact that you now have to take care of that is a disappointment because an operating system should be promoting productivity, not just look nicer while working.

For the Improvements I have to say I'm in love with the file explorer, at last I don't have to go to the folder options just to see hidden files, sorting options are also a great addition, same can be said about the check boxes on lists as well as grouping options, etc... really helps when finding files and organizing folders so that's and improvement on productivity.

What about your experience? Any Improvements on your work flow as a consequence of Windows 8 or have you encountered regressions? Please try to keep your comments relevant, we all know that the UI is a little more fluid, just comment on "tangible" benefits facts.

*** Edit: Had to bring this up, remote desktop SUCKS!, on metro, you really need to have a fast connection to ease the pain, you should also keep the remote session full screen, hitting the corners while windowed is a royal pain. I had to try that this morning and I hated it. There should be a remote client for Windows 8 exclusively, that should allow you to turn off metro animations at least, the current client on Windows 7 seems not to take care of that.

I will not be installing Server 2013 on my work server if this is not solved, I can dig metro for desktops but for a server, its ludicrous!