Intel's Secret Weapon?

I believe Clover Trail tablets will play an important role in the success of Windows 8. They will compete with the iPad in terms of cost and battery life. Not to mention weight. The biggest question is the performance compromise. If Medfield can beat the Snapdragon S3, Tegra 2 and other A9 chips don’t you think Clover Trail will beat Tegra 3, S4 and other ? There are good chances of that happening. If it happens Windows RT might be dead on arrival.

If you remember the leaked Intel slide which showed min 9 hrs of battery, less than 1.5 pounds tablets. If Intel reaches this target, mind you the Clover trail has a PowerVR SGX 544MP2 (dual-core) @ 533 MHz GPU, it will beat the hell out of ARM competition and might kill WIndows RT at launch.

Note: Copied from one of comment replies to Tom Warren