Video aggregating app Fanhattan attempts make it easier for iOS users to find TV shows and movies they want to watch, regardless of what service they're available on, and the company just released a major update that adds more content and organization options. For starters, programs from HBO, NBC, CW, and Cinemax are now cataloged by the app, giving it a total of 175,000 movies and shows across 14 different iPad entertainment apps. At its core, Fanhattan lets users search for content regardless of where you can watch it — the app will show you if it's available on iTunes, services like Netflix or Hulu Plus, and channel-specific apps like the recently added HBO Go integration. Given that content is king for a service like this, the inclusion of premium content providers like HBO and NBC certainly makes the app more useful.

Another new feature that adds to Fanhattan's utility is the WatchList feature — Fanhattan positions it as a global, service-agnostic queue for all of the movies or shows you want to watch. When you add things to your WatchList, the app will notify you whenever they become available on any services that Fanhattan hooks into. It even takes into account movies that are currently playing in the theater, so if you want a notification for when The Hobbit launches, the app has you covered. More useful is the queue and notifications for things you can actually watch on the device; if you don't have the appropriate app installed, it'll throw you into the iTunes store so you can get set up. While we suspect most iPad users stick only to a few of the most popular services like Netflix, Hulu, or iTunes, this app should be useful to those who've loaded up their device with as many video portals as possible. The updated app is available now in the iTunes app store.