Touch in any name is a horrible idea

I had a strange, out of the blue realization about phone names last night. I was talking to my friend who was complaining about his android phone (Razr not Maxx incase you'd like to know) and I was listening vent about it. I eventually started talking about how Android phone names are laughably horrible such as Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch...yes, thats the actually name. I brought that one up because its way to long and has the word "Touch" in the name, and went on to say "Putting the word touch in any product today except the ipod touch is pretty dumb" Everything i'm about to write hit me in a matter of a few seconds.

You can't put the word "touch" in any product, especially a phone. In the year 2012, most phone UI's are navigated with your finger. The input is the touch screen. The same goes with the iPod Touch, but that isn't a phone. Its still pretty foolish of Apple to be calling the touch controlled-iPod an "iPod Touch". Hell, the current nano has a touch screen and its not called "iPod nano touch". And with Apple supposedly simplifying their product names such asThe new iPad, not iPad 3 and hopefully, iPhone 6 will be the new iPhone. Why not called the iPod Touch just, iPod. Its the most popular ipod so most people would't think of the iPod classic (which most people will still refer to the iPod classic). Does this make sense to anyone else?