If you're switching on your Apple TV this morning you might be in for a pleasant surprise — Hulu Plus has been added to the growing list of services Apple's "hobby" hooks in to. Just like the Netflix app on Apple TV, you can sign up for a Hulu Plus subscription and pay with your iTunes account. Once you're logged in, it looks just like a native Apple TV video app, nearly indistinguishable from Netflix or Apple's own video services. Surprisingly, neither Hulu nor Apple have made an official announcement yet, but we've seen it on a number of Apple TV devices and also received reports from a number of tipsters. The Apple TV is also not yet listed on Hulu's supported devices page, though we suspect that'll change soon. We've reached out to find out more about this new partnership and will update with any new information right here.

Update: It's official — Hulu just announced Apple TV integration on its blog. The company also sent around some email messages letting users know about the new option, and launched an Apple TV-specific landing page highlighting the new device and free one-week trial that Hulu has offered for some time.

Thanks, Rune!