I Wish Podcast Apps Can Do This...

Consider this an edge case, but when it happens, it really pisses me off.

Podcasts come with two flavors, either an audio-only version, or a video-version. If you are like me, you would have a tendency to download the audio version of a podcast for two reasons:

1. A Smaller Data Footprint (Self Explanatory)

2. Allows Multitasking (Do other stuff while the podcast continues to play in the background)

But oftentimes, these audio podcasts betray me. There might suddenly be an interesting scoop being shown in the video version (new iPhone, Galaxy S4 leak, or perhaps a screenshot of Half-Life 3), or maybe something hilarious might be happening on-screen (as what usually happens on Vergecast), but because I downloaded the audio-only version, I have to settle for merely listening to what's going on, while the hosts are giving off eye-candy to the video listeners.

I can simply solve this by subscribing to the video version, but then I lose the ability to multitask. I'll lose the ability to play Tiny Wings or read through my Pocket list while the hosts continue to talk in the background. Besides, most of the time the hosts are merely talking, so the need to keep a video playing at all times is both a waste of time and a waste of battery life; I only want to see a video when something visually noteworthy is actually going on.

Therefore I am proposing a have-your-cake-and-eat-it (albeit niche) feature for podcast app developers to implement: Whenever a video version of the podcast is being played, if the user chooses to close the app, switch to a different app (i.e. browser, game), or put the device to sleep, keep the audio of the podcast running, so that the user can continue to multitask. This would allow someone like myself to do other things while the podcast audio is running, but if a screenshot is being shown, or if someone is doing something funny, I can simply reopen the podcast app, and the video version would be right there, ready to show off some eye-candy.

I know that this is a niche request, but I would love to have this feature implemented; I'll even buy the app of the developer that does this (as long as it comes with a good price tag ;D)! What do you guys think?