Nexus 7: The other side of the coin

Yup.. I'm about to list a few things that are not great about the Nexus 7.

Galaxy Nexus with JB is my daily driver and iPad 3 is the tablet that I have. Why did I say that? Because both devices have 'retina' displays.
Let's get started...



I read a lot of stuff online and Roboto font looks fantastic on GNexus. On the Nexus 7, most people say that you can see the pixels a little bit and that it is not that big of a deal. WRONG! You CAN see pixels and it is a huge effing deal! (I admit that, after using iPad and GNexus, my eyes do hunt for pixels on the screen though.) Web pages look so much better due to higher pixel density on my phone

"...but the display is fine for watching video or playing games right?".. wrong again.. The colors look washed out on the Nexus 7 display and everything looks so much more vibrant on the GNexus and the iPad.


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The numbers (1280 x 800, 216 ppi) do look good but the display is just not good enough. Period.

Battery life

I was NOT blown away by the battery life of the device. It did last me through the day for average use but I don't think it will with some heavy gaming.



"Tabbed browsing is closer to desktop experience" .. and how is that a good thing? Try switching between tabs in Nexus 7 when you have more than 3 of them open and you'll understand what I'm talking about. Closing tabs is not as bad, but I would prefer to swipe away tabs to close them than try to hit the small close button on the top right corner of each tab.

Apps - Comparing ecosystems

"Phone apps look ok on the 7 inch screen. So not having tablet optimized apps is fine.".. NOPE.. Apps like Google+ and Maps(Navigation) show that tablet optimization for a 7 inch screen does add a lot of value. Phone apps do look better on 7 inch screen than it does on a 10 inch screen but lack of a good number of tablet optimized apps continues to be an issue for android tablets.

Games - Comparing ecosystems

"Tegra 3 rocks." ... I agree.. it truly does. But sadly there are only a handful of games which push the limits of the processor. There are a few good games but the selection is nowhere close to what's being offered for the iPad.


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"Great value for money".. Is it really?
The 16GB version will cost you $270 which is more expensive than Kindle Fire 8GB ($199) and less expensive than the iPad 16GB ($535). You're paying for what you get.

"The hardware is so much better than Kindle Fire for just a little more money".. True but Kindle does add value by giving users a lot of free stuff with prime membership for $80/year but the Nexus 7 does not. Also, as I pointed out before, the number of apps and games making use of the excellent hardware on Nexus 7 is not that many.

"I can buy two Nexus 7 16GB instead of one iPad".. Hardly an argument.. Would you buy two iPads just if the price was $270?


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Bottom line(s)

Nexus 7 does have a lot of strong points like it's processor, RAM, light weight etc but I believe that the device is being praised more than it deserves.
To all pixel junkies... DO NOT BUY.